Alex Kibaria

Chief Executive Officer


Throughout my childhood I always longed for the day I would tour my own country Kenya since I never had the privilege to. In 2013, it was a dream come true, my thirst was first quenched by a summit to Mt Kenya. In the following years I travelled to Masai Mara which is Kenya’s top tourist destination, popular for having the 7th  wonder of the world the Wildebeest migration, the Aberdare’s Ranges and National Park in central Kenya, Mombasa City the Kenyan costal city popular with beach lovers and the Old Town inhabited by a mix of local Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and British settlers, the Great Rift valley with breath taking views of escarpments and lakes including the hot springs Lake Bogoria.

I also learnt a lot from the different Kenyan tribes and cultures which are forty four in number. I appreciated the diversity and the Kenyan spirit; we are all very friendly and warm people. Travelling became my new breathe and life, prompting me to always do at least two new destinations in a month. I ended up starting a Travel company with my Friend Geoffrey from Belgium. I meet Geoffrey during my 3rd  Summit to Mt Kenya.

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