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Alice K. Mueni

Business Development Officer

When I graduated from campus, I took time and wrote down what I wanted to do in my life and right from then, I knew I wanted to venture into business in a way that would impact people’s lives positively and at the same time contribute to sustainable development in Kenya and beyond. Over the years, I have undertaken various business ventures which have helped me to cultivate the marketing and business development skills that I continue to apply to date.

I joined Kibaria Tours and Travel as a business development officer in August 2019. What I love most about my role is the opportunity I get to be creative in coming up with products and/or services that meet current and emerging market needs. Thinking about the great things we can accomplish within the tourism industry and beyond makes me very excited as we keep developing new products for the market. I definitely look forward to every milestone we will achieve as a company as we transform lives through our work.

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