Geoffrey Cleeren



After Amsterdam and Brussels it was time for a new adventure: Africa! I ended up in Nairobi thanks to my current girlfriend. Smiling faces, crowded streets, chill vibes. Nairobi is mine! I felt like a fish in the water. This is it! After a few months of traveling through East Africa and having experienced the coolest experiences, I realized that this is a beautiful piece of world where there is so much to discover.

I have to share this with other people. And so it happens. I started a travel agency with my Kenyan friend Alex. We realized that the demand in Africa is quite mainstream: safari-lodge-beach. This is very expensive and unsatisfactory. This can be done better, much better. We offer the “real Africa, with us you do not get a chewed up trip but a truly unique African experience. I hope we can soon share it with you!

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