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September 2020
LAKE MAGADI The world is full of fascinating things and many of us have our final chapter before we get to see some of the most beautiful sceneries nature has to offer. One of these places lies in Kajiado County at a distance of approximately 88 km from Nairobi and 115.6 km by road from...
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TAFARIA CASTLE Most people in the world have never had a chance to experience an environment different from their norm. I fall under the people in this category and truthfully speaking I have not visited very many places in my lifetime. You hear stories of the wonders of the world yet you never truly get...
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OLJOGI RESERVE Ever wondered what lies in the semi-arid parts of Kenya? I have always imagined and wanted to view this part of Kenya mostly out of curiosity but at the same time I had the fear of probably dying of thirst or hunger. The truth is, many beautiful things can be seen and experienced...
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